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National Sojourners, Inc.
Sarasota Chapter #533
Chartered October 11, 1997

Lt. Gen. Jimmy Doolittle Camp of Heroes of '76

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Sarasota Chapter #533

Requirements for membership:

  1. You must be a Master Mason and hold a current dues card.
  2. You must have served in the Armed Forces of the United States (or a country allied with the United States in time of war) as a Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer or Senior Non-Commissioned Officer or be elected as an Honorary Member by the members of the Chapter.

Application for Membership
Application for Membership-in-Perpetuity
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Sojourner efforts are directed toward Americanism and Masonic activities. Patriotic activities include speeches, ceremonies, presentations and other actions intended to promote national security and true love of Country, with special emphasis on youth. Our Bridge of Light program strengthens Masonry by involving Sojourners in all Masonic activities, especially in the Blue Lodges.

Our national Headquarters is located at the Collingwood Library and Museum on Americanism, located north of Mount Vernon on part of George Washington's original River Farm. It is appropriate that our dedicated Military-Masonic Order is permanently associated with our Country's most distinguished Soldier-Mason and the ideals which he represented.

An open invitation is extended to all qualified Master Masons and their Ladies to visit our Chapter.

Chapter #533 2014-2015 Officers
Howard House
(941) 924-3823
Chuck Barrett, Past President
(941) 321-3253

Lt. Gen. Jimmy Doolittle Camp - Heroes of 76'

Currently DARK and undergoing reorganization. Please contact a Sojourner officer for current information.

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