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June 16, 1976

Minutes of the first organizational meeting of the Brothers Petitioning for a New Lodge in Sarasota.

The meeting was called to order at 7:45 p. m. by Worshipful Brother William G. Wolf.

R:.W:. Lloyd C. Hawley lead the opening prayer.

Present were the following Brothers:

R:.W:. J. G. Kicklighter, Jr., PDDGM
R:.W:. Arthur T. Stone, District Instructor
W:. William G. Wolf
W:. Robert L. Kennedy
Brother Joseph A . Kader
Brother Roy Reams
Brother Ray Biddulph
Brother Raymond Wolf
Brother Leonard Rothman
Brother William C. Pettey, Jr.
Brother Lew Coles
Brother George Gould
Brother Fred Forgeur
Brother Ron Tengowski
Brother Paul Arcadi
R:.W:. Lloyd C. Hawley, Sr. was present as District Deputy Grand Master of the 24th Masonic District.

Worshipful Brother William Wolf opened the meeting by explaining why it was felt that it would be in the best interest of Masonry to organize a new lodge in Sarasota.

Included in these reasons was the large current membership of both existing lodges - which average 500 members each, the necessarily limited number of Masons who could serve in leadership capacity with these lodges; and the absence of a Masonic Lodge in the fast growing southern area of Sarasota. He further explained that his first step had been to write the Grand Secretary for information concerning the proper procedure for petitioning for a U. D. Lodge. He then explained to the Brethren the basic requirements as outlined in the instructions received from the Grand Secretary. In accordance with these instructions Worshipful Brother William Wolf was unanimously selected by the Brothers to lead the group in its further organizational procedures. He then appointed R:.W:. Arthur Stone to serve as acting secretary so that a proper record could be maintained for the future records of the Lodge.

At this point, the District Deputy Grand Master was requested to write the Grand Secretary for the necessary additional forms, and he assured the Brethren that, upon receipt of their written request, he would do so. Arrangements were then made to have Brother Tengowski hand deliver the requested letter on the following morning, June 17, 1976.

The District Deputy also informed the group that his schedule was such that he would not be in the District from July 3rd - August 19th. Worshipful Brother Wolf then called a meeting for June 24th, so that the Brothers could receive from the District Deputy Grand Master the required forms prior to his leaving the district; with the expressed hope that all necessary steps could be completed and that on his return they would be able to present him with all the required items for his approval and for forwarding to the Grand Lodge.

Considerable discussion was then held concerning possible meeting nights and locations for the new lodge. Worshipful Brother Wolf appointed Brothers Roy Reams, Lew Coles, George Gould, Arthur Stone and William Pettey to look into possible locations, determine nights available for use and report back to the Brethren. All further discussion concerning meeting nights was deferred until more information was available regarding locations.

At this point, several names were suggested for the new lodge and it was stated that additional suggestions would be welcomed. The names suggested were: David H. Wilkinson, A. B. Edwards, Frederic A. Riegel, J. O. Williamson, and DeMolay.

Prior to the close of the meeting, fourteen of the fifteen Brothers present stated their intention to sign the U. D. petition for the new lodge.

The meeting was closed with prayer led by R:.W:. J. G. Kicklighter, Jr.

Respectfully submitted,

Arthur T. Stone
Acting Secretary

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