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Grand Lodges - Foreign
United Grand Lodge of England
Grand Lodge of Canada AF&AM in Ontario
Very informative site on Canadian Masonry
Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon
Very informative site on Canadian Masonry
Hamilton Ontario Masonic District C
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Florida Masonic Links
Other Masonic Sites of Value
Masonic Service Assoc. of NA The Masonic Service Association of North America
The Masonic Information Center
  The Livingston Masonic Library
Paul M. Bessel's Website (Best Research Site)
  Masonic Medical Research Laboratory
  The Philalethes Society
raslink.jpg (1404 bytes) The Rough Aslar Society (for Masons age 18-45)
  U.S. Masonic Webmasters - Masonic Sites Listed by State
  Masons That Were U.S. Presidents
  Massachusetts Masonic Lodges
  The Music of Freemasonry
  More Music of Freemasonry Sources (GL of D.C.)
  The Internet Lodge No. 9659
The Missing Master Mason 
(Excellent white paper on state of Masonry)

Usenet Newsgroups

The links here will work only if your Web browser is configured to handle news, and the groups named are carried by your news server. 

  • a moderated discussion of Freemasonry. A well controlled discussion group, where meaningful Masonic dialog can take place. (As of August 2004, also available as a mailing list, see below).
  • alt.freemasonry an unmoderated discussion of Freemasonry that has degenerated into a "flame pit" and receives frequent spams and sexual content messages. Individuals bent on attacking our beliefs has been a great cause of concern for many Masons wishing to carry on a meaningful discussion with those that wish to sincerely learn our beliefs.
  • alt.masonic.demolay an unmoderated discussion of The Order of DeMolay. Frequent spams and "flames", along with frequent sexual/XXX messages aimed at young men (sad, but that's the facts). Until this becomes a moderated discussion, I recommend that you do not direct or allow a young person to have access to this group.
  • alt.masonic.members an unmoderated discussion of Freemasonry.

Mailing lists

An alternate source of similar information is Paul Bessel's page on Masonic Communications Using Computers

  • freemasonry-list is a post-facto moderated list (posts are reviewed AFTER they are distributed, and disruptive or abusive posters are removed). Traffic levels will vary from 0 to perhaps 50 messages per day, with averages varying from 10-20 under "normal" circumstances. (Dec. 2007).

    To subscribe to an existing list at CU-Boulder, send a message to with the Subject: line blank, and in the body of the message type subscribe listname and your full name. For example:

    subscribe fm-list John Smith

    Your outgoing email identification must include your real name to be entered into the subscriber files. If you do not have your real name showing in your email identity (for any reason) send a message request to  with your name and the request to join the freemasonry-list.

    For more information on how to use the list, go to to (this is not a freemasonry-list supported page):

    The address to post to the list (you must be a member) is

  • a moderated discussion of freemasonry that started as a newsgroup and is still available as a newsgroup (see above). A well controlled discussion group, where meaningful Masonic dialog can take place. Traffic is usually less than 25 messages/day.

    The newsgroup and email list are being "gated" by the moderators, so each will have identical content. A post to the newsgroup is a post to the newsgroup and a post to the listserv. An email to the list is a post to the newsgroup and an email to the list.

    To subscribe on a post-by-post basis or a daily digest go to to:

    For more information on how to use the list, go to to

  • masonic-youth is a discussion list for the appendant youth orders (Rainbow, DeMolay, Job's, etc.).

    To subscribe, send mail to with the Subject: SUBSCRIBE your name.

    To post to the list, send mail to
    List manager: Garrett Fitzgerald.

  • Jodera-l is a roundtable discussion forum for adults and senior members interested in encouraging, promoting, and supporting the Masonic Youth Groups known as Job's Daughters, Rainbow, Triangle, and DeMolay.

    jodera-l is a private, unmoderated List. Subscriptions are limited to interested Adults (18YO+), Presiding Officers, and Past Presiding Officers of these Orders.

    To subscribe, send mail to with SUBSCRIBE JODERA-L your email address
    in the body.

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