Minutes of the first meeting
of Sarasota Masonic Lodge No. 147

(Taken from the 75th Anniversary Celebration Program in 1980)
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Sarasota, Fla., August 23rd, 1904

Sarasota Lodge U. D., F. & A. M. held their first communication in the lodge room over T. J. Dancey's store in Sarasota, Fla. on the evening of the 23rd day of August, A.L. 5904, A. D. 1904.

Those present were E. R. Marsh, W. M.; I. A. Redd, S. W.; W. R. Singletary, J. W. protem; E. W. Morrill, S. D.; W. F. Knight, J. S.; C. V. S. Wilson, Secretary; W. D. Webb, Tyler; and brother T. J. Dancey.

Visiting brethren: T. Gill, Soloman Dodge No. 163 Texas; J. M. Gates, St. John's Lodge No. 84 Valdosta Ga.; D. C. Mead, Belleview Lodge No. 95, Florida.

The Worshipful Master opened the Lodge in due form, and then read the Dispensation from the Grand Lodge of the State of Florida which empowered them to work.

The lodge had under discussion the advisability of securing permanent lodge rooms, and the Worshipful Master having been informed that Judge J. B. Chapline would build a third story on his proposed new building on West Main Street, it was on motion decided that the Worshipful Master appoint a committee of three to secure from Judge Chapline a lease for the term of one year, with the privilege of five years, and E. W. Morrill, I. A. Redd and W. R. Singeltary was appointed such committee.

The following By-Laws were passed:

1st. That Regular Communications of Sarasota Lodge will be held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 7:30 p.m.

2nd. That the fee for affiliation with this lodge shall be two dollars. (rescinded)

3rd. That the annual dues of this lodge shall be Four dollars.

4th. That the fee for Initiation into this lodge shall be Fifteen dollars, for Passing shall be Ten dollars, and for Raising shall be Five Dollars. = Total $30.

Visiting Brethren Gill, Gates and Mead gave this new lodge words of encouragement and fraternal counsel. The Worshipful Master closed the lodge in due form, harmony being the strength of all institutions, especially ours.

C. V. S. Wilson

(Attendance roster)

Charter Members, M. D.
Edmund R. Marsh,
Isaac A. Redd,
Samuel W. Heighsmith,
J. Hamition Gillespie,
Giles W. Bearden,
Augustus M. Wilson,
W. R. Singletary,
Thomas J. Dancey,
C. V. S. Wilson,
E. W. Morrill

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