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Bradenton, Florida

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A Brief History

Manatee Lodge No. 31 is located at 402 15th Street East in Bradenton, Florida. The cornerstone of the Lodge building was laid in 1950. However, the history of the Lodge spans some 144 years in our community.

Manatee Lodge No. 31 was chartered on January 14, 1853, and its first meeting was held on the third floor of Brother Josiah Gates' home, the first settler in Manatee County.

The first Worshipful Master was Franklin Branch who was the first medical doctor in Manatee. The first Senior Warden was Joseph Braden (if his name sounds familiar, it's because our town was named after him.) The first Junior Warden was Robert Gamble, who served as an officer in the second Seminole Indian War. Brother Gamble is probably most known for his southern mansion located in Ellenton, Florida, and is one of Manatee County's most prized historical landmarks.

Today, there are enrolled in Manatee No. 31 some 400 members. The Stated meetings of the Lodge are held at 7:30 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of each month. The remaining Mondays are either degree work or degree practice.
Masons visiting Manatee County are always welcome and are encouraged to attend all functions of the Lodge.

For more information on Manatee Lodge No. 31, feel free to call John Collins, Past Master and Secretary, at (941) 748-7947.

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